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Boudoir Shooting – For more self-confidence

Boudoir shoot

– Why you should ban people from your life who want to tease you about your underwear photos.

(Hypothetical conversation every woman with revealing pics / boudoir pics on her Instagram account has experienced):

"But tell me, why do you have so many half-naked pictures on your Instagram account?"

"Guys, the answer is very short (pun - haha): Because I want it. Because I feel good and I want to show it. I don't show any forbidden things here, and especially no inauthentic, fake things that could lead others to doubt themselves. I show a woman who went through a lot of self-doubt and a lot of hard and beautiful moments to get to this moment. And yes, maybe in my case physical development (sport) is part of it in addition to personal development, or maybe not. That makes no difference in the matter itself.”

You have to fight for your self-confidence again.

Yes, that's a bit strange - but let's be honest: who was born with self-doubt as a child? I'll lean out the window and say NOBODY. Everything is cool, you run around the playgrounds of the world as fast as you can, your hair disheveled, your face full of sand and you're the hero because you built the biggest sandcastle. Then all of a sudden, things like long hair, big breasts, a small waist and a well-toned butt become important. Perfect skin is becoming the new "goal" and cellulite is the biggest enemy. This self-doubt comes with the years, with the first "I-feeling". Parents, friends, teachers - the environment contributes a large part to this. Nowadays we also include social media in your environment, after all you surely spend a lot of time on Instagram and co.

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Have you seen the tool on Instagram that measures your daily usage time? Assess yourself and take a look. Totally exciting to be shown how much time of your day you sacrifice there.

Strengthen your self-confidence.

Boudoir shoots are a way to boost your self-confidence. It's an experience, a thing you do for yourself, like going to the hairdresser or the beautician. You treat yourself and get an outside view of you as a person. The photographer sees you in a completely different, much more distanced light than you do. He interprets you as other people do every day in everyday life. (Btw, 99% of the time this is much more positive than our own image of ourselves). He sees the sandcastle builder in you, the woman with the courage to pursue her dreams and the relentlessness to achieve them - or your delicate introversion that makes you seem mysterious. The result - the pictures - are often just the icing on the cake, your tangible memories. The true experience happens during the shooting itself. More on that elsewhere. This is powerful stuff! If self-doubt arises from the environment, it should also be possible to control self-confidence in a certain way...

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

ui ui ui. That's one of the most instructive sentences I've ever heard. Take a look at yourself in the mirror. No, let's be honest. do it Right now. Go and do it. And ask yourself: who do I spend most of my time with? Who are my "Big 5"? What do these people stand for? Do you look up to each one in a certain way? Here's the hard truth: if the answer to someone is no, you should cut them out of your everyday life. If you have the feeling that the person is not supporting you and your path or is holding you back, then they do not belong in your life. why? Putting extra obstacles in your own way doesn't sound like a smart idea.

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You don't owe anyone anything.

Said quickly and not understood. Let the sentence find its way into your head and internalize it. It's not meant negatively at all. There's nothing wrong with people who were once in your life for a time no longer have a place there. We all grow, sometimes in different directions. And that's somehow great, because everyone can fully live out their strengths and interests and thus their potential. This is how we become our “best self”. If someone doesn't begrudge you your physical fitness, or doesn't understand why you're having some nice photos taken with your supposedly "wide thighs" (whatever the hell that means...), then you shouldn't put that person in your top 5 leave. If you want to grow in your cause, then you do it most likely through your environment. And this includes that your environment is tolerant and open, speaks your "inner language" and supports your plans. These are the people who cheer you on the side of the road when you run your first marathon; those who are happy to give you honest feedback on your new idea and those who celebrate your boudoir photos because they see a strong person with character in the pictures - regardless of whether they would act like that themselves. The people rocking out at your boho wedding and driving a complete princess concept themselves. These people see you for you, with your personal strengths - they see your potential and understand that they can be very different themselves and that is a strength. And that's super important.

We are not here to simply exist.

We live and make the damn best of it. Give yourself and the others a chance to do that and let them move on if necessary. No regrets - pride. You don't do a boudoir shoot for anyone else, you do it for yourself. You are free to share it with others. But it always remains "your". If someone asks you why you're doing a boudoir shoot and your answer "because I want to" isn't enough, then honestly: see you later! Be open and empathetic, but not naïve, and never let anyone talk you down. As long as your actions do not harm anyone, you have every right in the world to do so. Find people who also see it that way and goddamn do it!

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