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Nadelspitze Team About us

We are a colorful bunch of happy, spontaneous girls and always up for a bit of fun. We are eagle eyes when it comes to details. We love hearing from you when we've just hit your liking. When we realize that the love we put into our work resonates with you. Your feedback is the best thing about our work! experience here more about us and our products!

We meet regularly and hatch new ideas for you. We always keep an eye on new trends and beautiful fabrics and lace.

We became known through social media – and we love staying in touch with you there. Do follow us Instagram , Facebook or Pinterest :

Attention to detail - we are in love with detail

We think: there can and should be love even in the smaller details. They simply round off this very special day and give it a very personal touch. On the morning of your wedding, when you take your garter out of its packaging, put it on, and feel, "Yes, I'm ready." Then it would be wonderful if the garter fits like a glove. When it's made of a high quality, soft material just for you and you can't wait to show it to your future lover - to show you.

Attention to detail Team Nadelspitze

Real handwork

Handmade baby!

We have made it our task to produce very special, personal and tailor-made accessories for your wedding: from garters to wedding panties, ring pillows to handkerchiefs and much more. All this is done lovingly by hand and most of our products are 100% made in our creative room. We also work with a handful of German and European sewing companies who support us in the manufacture of some products.

Finishing at a high level

Our products are printed and not embroidered. We made a conscious decision in favor of a specific process, the quality of which convinced us. Very important for you: this is not a film that can peel off over time. The pressure cannot be felt and will always remain with you. You can even simply wash the handkerchiefs and panties in the washing machine at 40°C - without color loss. Even ironing the motif side is no problem. So you can just let the tears of joy run free.

Needlepoint finishing high quality

With heart in the matter ♥

From the raw material to the packaging, we give everything for you, because we are always aware that the wedding will be a unique experience for you - maybe the most beautiful day of your life. We always root for you and love to learn why you chose a particular design. We're always very curious! It also happens that we wave through an ultra-express production so that the bride receives her garter on time or we personally drive to the nearest fabric shop to find a very specific shade. Handmade baby!

With heart in the matter Nadelspitze Team