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Real Wedding - Tamara & Tobias

Sometimes wood isn't just decorated for "vintage reasons". Tamara & Tobias celebrated a wedding exactly according to their wishes. Among other things, we were allowed to add a surprise garter, which we had never made before.

The two

Tamara (21) and Tobias (29) come from near Stuttgart and got married on August 4th, 2018. We met Tamara via Instagram and followed the plans of the two with interest. From her big day to her amazing after-wedding shoot in Iceland (!), we caught some of her ups and downs. So, it's worth checking out her Instagram account for after-wedding inspiration if you're keen on travelling!

The Wedding – Real Wedding

“We had a civil wedding and celebrated it on a large scale with our family and friends. Our location was an old sawmill, which is connected to a mill. The location is totally idyllic on a stream. There wasn't a special theme, but we decorated a lot with wood because Tobias is a carpenter."

A super nice idea, we think. In addition, to reflect wood in the decoration - and not just for aesthetic reasons, but because it has a direct connection to the two - we think is a great idea.

tamara boudoir wedding carpenter

What we were allowed to produce for Tamara and Tobias

Tears of joy Handkerchiefs for the parents and witnesses could not be missing. We were also allowed to make a special garter , which was a surprise for the groom, and personalized panties including panty veils for the two of them. The pieces were then used during the wedding and in a wonderful boudoir shoot.

Since Tobias is a self-employed carpenter with all his heart and absolute passion, Tamara wanted to surprise him with a special garter. When surprises succeed...

"So I contact the girls from Nadelspitze and they created my dream garter according to my wishes - with the coat of arms of the carpenters. Tobi was absolutely touched and excited by my surprise.”

MEGA idea

We think: great idea! Garters with a personal connection as a surprise such as clubs, favorite cars, tractors (yep, everything has already been done!) etc. are always incredibly well received. And between the decoration perfectionism, such an out-of-style surprise (whether it has to be black and yellow or green and white) is a super sweet gesture for your future lover and is sure to give you a great moment and one or the other cool photo in action when he/she then discovers it. With us you will most likely find such garters in our “Satin Classic” and “Lace Classic” models.

garter by tamara boudoir wedding

Important information: In the case of registered brands and associations, we may need to obtain approval for the production of a trailer - always keep this in mind before you rely on your idea to be implemented. We're happy to help you further.

A few heartwarming words from the newlyweds

“I am so grateful to you for the lovely and uncomplicated contact. You put your heart and soul into your “baby” and that is reflected in your products!”

How nice! Thank you for your trust, you two. So, here are a few more insights into a special boudoir shoot, where Tamara was able to stage her accessories really nicely. The photos are truly stunning.

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